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A Dual Head graphics card also from ATI: Radeon VE

A Dual Head graphics card also from ATI: Radeon VE logomacitynet1200wide 1

Radeon VE has already been available for some time in PC version and it was difficult to understand how such an option was not made available to Mac users. Now ATI announces that for the winter Radeon VE Mac Edition will be on the market with 3 outputs. : DVI (attention: to connect Apple LCD monitors you need a converter such as DVIator by DR. Bott) and VGA as well as a SuperVideo socket for connection to a TV or VCR. While DVI and VGA are independent, the signal on the S- Video is the replica of one of the two channels of your choice.Important the fact that it is not an AGP card but is available on PCI slot making it in fact an excellent choice both as an additional card when the main video slot (AGP) and is busy in new machines and when it needs to equip a Mac of some time ago with only PCI bus. Obviously in this case you can connect up to 3 different monitors at the same time. The price, expected at around $ 130 reveals that n This is not a card equipped with the top of the ATI video chips: Radeon VE is in fact an intermediate way between the more expensive Radeon and the RAGE 128. It still has 32 MB of DDR memory and allows DVD playback even on old macs.

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