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5G smartphone market: 199 million pieces (+ 1000%) in 2020

The market for new generation smartphones – those that support 5G networks – is ready to explode. It reveals it Strategy Analytics in the last report: from 19 million devices shipped in 2019 it will go to 199 million this year: a real boom, demonstrating that technology is ready to make its mass commercial debut.

Last year, 5G smartphones were 1 in 100, with Huawei and Samsung leading a still immature market (6.9 and 6.7 million units shipped respectively), but things are already changing now, Coronavirus permitting.


  • they will be 199 million 5G smartphones shipped worldwide in 2020, against 19 million in 2019
  • made 100 smartphones shipped worldwide in 2020, 15 will be 5G (was 1 only in 2019)
  • 9 out of 10 5G smartphones will be sold in China, USA, South Korea, Japan and Germany
  • other potentially important markets such as India and Indonesia will take at least a couple of years before affecting shipments and sales of 5G smartphones
  • the Coronavirus The demand for 5G smartphones is slowing down, whose sales could have been even higher: the supply chains are stopped, consumers tend to visit stores less (especially in China). A partially blocked "first half" is expected, with a subsequent "rebound" in the second.