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5 best tools for checking grammar and online punctuation

Are you an aspiring writer? or maybe a student or even a blogger who likes to talk about personal interests, regardless of your profession but, as long as it involves writing, you know how important it is to have a clear understanding of grammar and punctuation. People with English as a second language often find it difficult to write flawless texts, which means they have to rely on their word processing software for spelling suggestions and everything else. However, if you want advanced tips and better grammar and punctuation tips in your writing, you need to use professional service. There are many grammar check services, but we only offer you the best of the best. Below are the top 5 online grammar and punctuation tools.

Best tools for checking grammar and punctuation

1. Grammar

Grammarly one of the best and most reliable grammar checkers available on the market right now. Not only your average plagiarism checker, but also a powerful grammar and punctuation checker that completely analyzes your writing and suggests you make it even better. If you are an aspiring writer or journalist, do yourself a favor and check your writing with Grammarly before publishing it. Grammar works in real time exactly when you start typing. Keep providing helpful hints, amazing new words, and correct your mistakes next to typing. Grammarly available as an extension for all popular browsers including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Extensions make it easy for the service to track your writing anywhere on the web, including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Grammar not only improves your writing, but also improves your writing skills so you don't make mistakes in the future. Also detect plagiarism so as not to inadvertently make any copy in the written text. Grammarly also has a premium subscription plan that costs $ 29.95 per month and offers you a host of new features to take your writing to a whole new level. You can also get 7 days of premium membership for free for each friend you refer to in Grammarly . The premium service performs 250 extra checks on your writing to make it even more compact and readable. Also available is a Microsoft Word add-on that allows you to replace the default spelling checker of MS Word with Grammarly, offering the power of this service outside the browser and in your favorite word processor. You also get specialized checks for specific writings such as academics, essays, blogs and many other writing styles. If you are a student or an institution looking to get all your students a Grammarly subscription, you can also do so via [email protected].

2. Ginger Grammar Checker

If Grammarly isn't what you were looking for, don't worry because we've got you covered and there are 4 more tips to use to improve your writing skills. Ginger Grammar Checker another fantastic grammar checker tool that will allow you to take your writing and text to a whole new level and make it more solid. This grammar checker tool is in no way inferior to Grammarly when it comes to functionality, but it could also offer a few more things in the free version. The Ginger Grammar Checker not only checks the sentence structure and grammar, but also helps you rephrase the whole sentence to make it smarter than before.

Ginger offers a grammar checker, a rephraser sentence, a simple translation, a simple dictionary and even a text reader that reads the entire text for you so you can get the listener's perspective and understand if something doesn't sound in your text . You also have access to a personal trainer feature that teaches you how to write skills directly from your mistake. Your every mistake will be corrected and explained so that you can learn from your mistakes and improve your writing with each session. Ginger available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and all popular browsers as an extension to improve your writing anywhere on the web. The premium plan ti will cost $ 11.20 per month and give you access to the phrase rephraser, the text reader and a complete analysis of your text so that you can further improve your writing.

3. After the deadline

WordPress is the best content management system around and is fueling many news blogs and websites on the web, which means that the guys behind WordPress need to know something about writing. Well, the guys themselves developed the new "After The Deadline" grammar and punctuation checker for free and one of the best tools for writers. This new tool controls the general use of grammar, handwriting and your writing style. After analyzing your text, I will provide you with suggestions for improving your overall text by using different words and sentence structures.

Since "After The Deadline" developed by the same people behind WordPress, it is safe to assume that it will be available as a WordPress plugin. available as a plug-in for WordPress-hosted blogs, BBpress forums, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and also as an add-on to the popular OpenOffice Writer word processing software. No matter what platform or software you use for your writing, After The Deadline will help you improve your overall writing anywhere. You can also check the demonstration available on the site's home page to see this tool in action and decide if something that interests you or not. After The Deadline available for free without commissions or subscriptions.

4. SpellCheckPlus

If you have come this far, you are not clearly impressed by the aforementioned grammar and punctuation checking tools. Well, we have more tools for you and at the end of this article you will surely find your favorite grammar checker to help you in writing. SpellCheckPlus another free tool that simple and straightforward. SpellCheckPlus doesn't offer many features like Grammarly or Ginger Grammar Checker, but it will still help you improve your writing by providing useful hints. You will correctly receive word suggestions, word forms and simple spelling suggestions in your writing.

The Pro version of SpellCheckPlus is actually much better than the free version because it offers much more for yourself $ 15 a year, the that really reasonable. The pro version also eliminates the ads available in the free version. In the pro version, you will get grammar exercises to improve your understanding of English grammar and a complete summary of your mistakes so you can analyze them and learn from your mistakes. There are other features planned for the pro version and these will be included in the service with updates coming soon. If you don't want to pay for the pro version, you can still get the most out of the free version because it will also help you in writing with simple and direct suggestions.

5. PaperRater

If you want a thorough analysis of your text and a complete report, you should check PaperRater because one of the most complete grammar and punctuation correctors that check your writing for almost all types of errors and helps you correct all the errors before sending the your article. You don't need to download any software or extensions for your browser because PaperRater only works as a web app.

PaperRater is not your paper checker as it provides grammar checks, punctuation and spelling checks, plagiarism checks, writing suggestions and your writing scores to give you an idea of ??your writing skills. The premium version that costs $ 8 a month it also allows you to upload text files for checking and offers very fast processing speeds. The premium version also has wider plagiarism control to make your text completely unique and original. You can get detailed statistics and reports on your writing. Grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling and sentence structure suggestions to make writing solid and compact. If you are a student, PaperRater is the perfect way to check all your written assignments and essays before handing them over. You will get a straight A score.

The aforementioned tools and services will not only help you correct your writing errors and mistakes, but they will also improve your writing skills so you don't repeat the same mistakes in your writing. You will improve grammar, spelling, punctuation skills and sentence structures by regularly using one or more of these services regularly. You will also receive more compliments for your writings from your colleagues or superiors when you submit your text for evaluation.

If you know other better tools for checking grammar and punctuation, feel free to share them in the comments section below and we will do our best to test them and also include them in future lists.