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30 Cool PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for Getting Chicken Dinner

Since it was launched for mobile devices earlier this year, PUBG Mobile has been an absolute hit with over 50 million downloads in the Play Store. However, while fun, PUBG Mobile is not an easy game in any way. There are many players, and if you are relatively a beginner at PUBG Mobile, or generally battle-royale games, we have some great tips and tricks to help you score that chicken dinner.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks:

  • Game settings
  • Landing points
  • Positioning in the final moments
  • Various PUBG tricks

Game settings

Before you start playing, there are a couple of settings that you should double check and adjust for better performance and to make killing scores easier.

1. Select Third-person view or First-person view

Choose between third-person and first-person views. The latest PUBG Mobile update allowed players to choose between first-person view and third-person view. Before you start the game, you can tap the game mode button just below "Start" and choose between "TPP" (third person) or "FPP" (first person) .

2. Adjust the quality of the graphics

Adjust the quality of the graphics based on your phone's capabilities. PUBG Mobile does this automatically, but if you think your game is late or falling, you can lower it further and vice versa. A setting of higher graphic quality will certainly make it easier to spot other enemies, but if the phone starts to slow down or drop frame, trade-off and opt for a higher frame rate.

3. Activate Peek and Fire

In Settings (the settings icon at the top right), go to Base . Here, activate "Peek & Fire". This allows you to peek from behind the cover, allowing you to take shots without exposing yourself too much. Keep in mind that you will still be exposing your head, so use it with caution.

4. Use the gyroscope to aim down

PUBG Mobile offers the possibility to use the gyroscope of your smartphone to aim. This can be incredibly useful when aiming down, or when you shrink, since you will be able to move the phone to target enemies instead of having to touch and drag on the screen. To enable the gyroscope, go to Settings and then to Basic.

5. Check if Aim Assist is active

Check that 'Aim Assist' is activated to target more easily. The targeted help required on a touchscreen phone (usually) because pointing to an inaccurate touchscreen like pointing the mouse. Targeted aim will help you defeat enemies faster and also help in close-range shootings.

6. Enable the fire button on the left side

In Settings -> Basic, activate the "Left fire" button to easily shoot with your left hand while aiming with your right . This is very useful in targeted shots. Without the fire button on the left side, you will find yourself aiming and shooting with the same hand, which, believe me, really difficult.

7. Enable automatic door opening

Even within Settings -> Enable of basis 'Automatic open doors' for quickly enter buildings without having to continually touch the door button. Note that you will have to touch the button to close the door.

8. Adjust the size and position of the controls:

Go up Settings -> Controls -> Customize and adjust the size and position of the controls according to your needs. For example, I made the grenade button a little bigger to make it easier to touch, and I moved the fire button on the left side to the point where my left thumb lands, so I can shoot even faster.

9. Activate the automatic adjustment graphics

In Settings -> Graphics, you can also activate 'Automatically adjust charts' for ensure a constant frame rate during playback. This means that if the phone starts to overheat or if the battery runs out, PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust the quality of the graphics to compensate for it.

Landing points

The choice of the perfect landing point is very important. The choice of the landing spot will depend on whether you are comfortable with the shootings and are trying to get the best loot, or if you intend to play secretly, and meet fewer players.

The best landing places in Miramar

If you are new to playing on the 'Miramar,' desert map you might try to find out which are the best places to land. Well, Miramar has a lot of places where you can land to get the best loot. However, each of these places has some degree of risk, so make sure you're ready for the shootings.

1. More loot, very high risk:

  • Hacienda del Patron (just above San Martin in the middle of the map)
  • Pecado (slightly southwest of San Martin, between Power Grid and Cemetery)

2. More loot, high risk:

  • Prison (on the southwest edge of the map, right in the corner)
  • Military Camp (at the northeast corner of the map)

3. Good, low-risk loot:

  • Minas Generales (southwest of San Martin)

The best landing places in Erangel

1. More loot, very high risk:

  • Military base (south of the map)
  • Prison (east edge of the map)
  • Mansion (just above the prison)
    • Mylta Power (southeast of the prison)

2. More loot, less risk

  • School (half of the map, but often dangerous)
  • Severny (north of the map)
  • Pochinki (center of the map)

3. Decent loot, very low risk

  • Bunker near "Shelter" – my favorite place to land.

Positioning in the final moments

When you are near that chicken dinner, the circle is usually quite small, and a mistake could send you back to the lobby.

1. Play on board

If you have a 4x or 8x scope, position yourself on the edge of the playing area where the blue circle is closest to white. This will give you a complete view of the game area, greatly reducing the chances of a player coming from behind you.

2. Shoot to kill

If you see someone and they haven't spotted you, take the shot only if a guaranteed kill, otherwise you will end up giving your position . Since you have spotted them, you have plenty of time to make the perfect shot: aim at the head and shoot in bursts until the undead player.

3. Don't go to Guns Blazing

If only two other people are left alive, keep hidden and allow them to fight, and then kill the remaining player.

Various PUBG tips and tricks

1. Turn off Mission Impossible background music

PUBG recently teamed up with Mission Impossible: Fallout to bring MI-themed missions into play, along with the Mission Impossible music theme in the background. While some people may love the new background music, if you're not particularly fond of it you can turn it off by going in Settings and going to Audio . Here you will find the option to disable Mission Impossible "BGM".

2. Edit the quick chat messages

Quick chat is a very useful tool in team games, especially if used correctly. Although the predefined quick chat messages in PUBG Mobile are good enough, you can edit them to suit your team's playing style. To do this, go up Settings and then on Quick Chat . Here you will be able to delete the messages you don't want to use and insert alternative messages instead. quite useful. However, you can't write your own messages, so you'll have to settle for the options provided by PUBG Mobile. To be honest, there are a lot of options, so it shouldn't be a problem.

3. Use headphones to hear footsteps

Most shooter games, CS: GO, Fortnite or PUBG make use of directional audio which you can use to be more aware of your enemies' positions. While your phone's stereo-front speakers may be quite good, wear a pair of headphones. This will help you not only hear the ranged shots, but also the footsteps of an approaching enemy, so you won't be taken by surprise. It may not seem like much, but it makes a big difference.

4. Survive inside the Red Zone

The PUBG map often marks random regions as red areas. If you are inside one, I would suggest you go out quickly, otherwise you will find yourself stuck in an air attack of some kind that will most likely kill you. However, if you are in a place that is not easy to get out of, the best solution is to enter a building. This way you will be able to survive the red zone.

5. Use the map

If you like playing Miramar or if you like Erangel foliage, if you really want to be a good player, use the map well. The map is updated with new safety zones and red zones, so keeping an eye on the map can be helpful. The map in PUBG Mobile also shows the direction of the shots, steps and vehicles that can help you know where the enemies are and if they are coming towards you.

6. Make the Red Zone your strategic friend

This is not something you will be able to do often, but sometimes the red area can actually be your friend. If you are inside a building when the bombs start falling, you can do two things:

  • Use the noise to cover your steps and collect any loot lying inside the building.
  • You will most likely see some players running away, which makes them easy kills for you. Also, if you spot a player, you can take the risk and use the bombing noise cover to stand by them without being able to hear your footsteps beyond the hustle and bustle.

7. Mute annoying teammates

Unless you play with your friends, team mode often couples you with people in which at least one of them has an annoying cock that constantly sings and screams into the microphone. With the latest PUBG Mobile update, you can silence individual teammates by tapping the speaker icon . This will open a menu with all the names of your teammates, simply touch the speaker icon next to the teammate you want to mute stop. Now focus on the game.

8. Hide interior vehicles

Sitting in the navigator seat of a vehicle keeps him away, allowing you to hide it without notifying other players of your presence. They will still be able to see you, but unless you park your vehicle in the middle of the desert, there is no reason for most players to suspect that a player may be sitting inside a vehicle and not driving it.

9. Look around without moving

You can hide around corners and use the 'button' to look around the corner without exposing it . This is a practical trick that can help you spot enemies without getting caught.

10. Heal like a pro

During healing, you can move for 0, 5 seconds without canceling the action. When you are from quickly, start moving when there are 0, 5 seconds of healing left, giving you an edge . This is useful when the circle closes behind you and you need to run fast, or when you are taking a short healing break in the middle of a gunfight.

11. Use energy drinks and pain relievers

Energy drinks and pain relievers will self-heal for a period of time and also give you an increase in speed, so use them often and when needed. Most healing equipment like bandages and health packs won't heal you 75%. Only the medical kit can cure you up to 100% and this is very rare. Energy drinks and painkillers take their time to heal you, but they will bring you 100% so be sure to use them often.

12. Don't stand still, you will be a sedentary duck

Staying too long will make it easier for snipers; keep moving and take cover when you need to stop. The battlefield in PUBG always has a group of players with snipers, and many of these players are good enough to take you out with a single headshot. So keep moving.

Use these PUBG mobile tricks and win some chicken dinners

Well, those were PUBG Mobile's 30 tips and tricks that should help you become a fantastic PUBG Mobile player. Use these tricks to get better loot, find the perfect PUBG landing points and survive to the end and get that chicken dinner. If you find other PUBG cheats that you think we should include here, please let us know in the comments section below.