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12 best cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

When it comes to hype and excitement about new smartphone launches, the revelations of Samsung's flagships are the rules for the roost. And at its Unpacked 2016 event during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ??Spain, Samsung presented not only the Galaxy S7 to the world, but also its curved brother with a dual border screen, Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is probably the best Android smartphone you can get right now (even better than the regular Galaxy S7). It contains the latest and largest hardware / software for mobile devices and, of course, there is the splendid double-edged curved screen, its main feature. Not surprisingly, you set a fairly high price. So if you've already ordered one, it makes every sense to get a case or cover to protect it.

This is what we are here to help you. So don't waste time and find out 12 best covers and covers available for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge . Here they are!

1. Galaxy S7 Edge S-View Flip Cover

Official accessories are generally preferred, as they offer maximum compatibility with the devices and better overall quality. And the Samsung S-View Flip cover just that. The truly unique light cover, as it allows you to access the main functions of the phone (eg Answer / reject calls, act on notifications), even when the lid is closed . Not only that, the cover makes it possible to preview expandable messages, access settings, etc. Simply by sliding your finger on the front folio. made of rigid plastic, it has a simple snap-on design and available in three colors.

Price: $ 59.99

Where to buy:

2. Galaxy S7 Edge wireless charging battery pack

Despite not being a coincidence, the Samsung wireless charging battery pack hooks onto the back of the Galaxy S7 Edge exactly like one. The battery pack includes one 3400 mAh battery, which loads the battery of the Galaxy S7 Edge (via Qi Inductive Charging) when the package connected to the phone. In addition, it also supports "pass-through charging", therefore if you charge the battery pack from a power outlet, when the S7 Edge connected to it, the phone battery will be charged wirelessly first, followed by the battery of the pack . There is also a four-level LED battery status indicator, to see the battery charge on the left.

Price: $ 89.99

Where to buy:

3. Triple Mixx VRS Design case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The VRS Design Triple Mixx Case offers robust protection for the Galaxy S7 Edge, and looks good even if it does, thanks to a clear and patterned back. manufactured from two impact resistant layers, one made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and others in polycarbonate. The case completely covers the device (apart from the screen) and presents raised edges to protect the screen from scratches and falls. There are many colors to choose from, such as Shine Gold and Satin Silver.

Price: $ 24.99

Where to buy:

4. VRS design case with card holder for Galaxy S7 Edge

As the name offers it, the salient feature of VRS Design Case With Card Holder is Integrated card slot, which allows you to carry up to two IDs, debit / credit cards and even money, with the case . But apart from that, a rather robust case made up of TPU and Poly Carbonate impact absorption layers. The case fits perfectly to the Galaxy S7 Edge and features precise cutouts for easy access to all buttons and ports on the phone.

Price: $ 18.99

Where to buy:

5. Otterbox Commuter Series case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Coming from one of the best known manufacturers of rugged smartphone cases, the Otterbox Commuter Series Case offers solid protection for your Galaxy S7 Edge. The lightweight case (only about 1.8 ounces) it has a two-piece construction and protects your phone from all kinds of bumps, falls and bumps. Also equipped with door covers to block the entry of dust and debris into the device . The one-year Otterbox warranty makes it an unrivaled choice, and there are even a handful of funky colors to choose from.

Price: $ 34.95

Where to buy:

6. Spigen Tough Armor extreme protection case for Galaxy S7 Edge

The Spigen Tough Armor Extreme Protection case makes its name (rather a mouthful) full justice. Its internal layer made of shock-absorbing TPU material, while the outside made of Poly Carbonate. Puts in shows Air Cushion technology, complete with military fall protection (which confirms the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 standard). Not only that, the large port cutouts allow you to use Galaxy S7 Edge with almost all types of cables. Oh, and we mentioned the integrated stand that you can use for effortless media consumption?

Price: $ 18.99 (gunmetal), $ 19.99 (black and Champagne gold)

Where to buy:

7. Spigen Premium wallet case for Galaxy S7 Edge

If you are looking for a case that offers the best overall protection to your Galaxy S7 Edge, the Spigen Premium wallet case is definitely worth considering. Made of premium synthetic leather and polycarbonate, the case features card slots for carrying up to three IDs, credit / debit cards and a money holder. The inner side of the flip cover features a buffer that prevents accidental contact with the home button of the Galaxy S7 Edge and the reversible magnetic clip holds both sides firmly when closed . The cover can also double as an easel.

Do you want a similar wallet case, but with a slightly more funky design? Take a look at the VRS Design Leather Wallet Case.

Price: $ 16.99

Where to buy:

8. S7 Edge Incipio Galaxy hybrid case

Not a fan of thick and heavy smartphone cases? The Incipio hybrid case is the right thing for you. With one thickness of about 0, 5 inches, it fits the Galaxy S7 Edge like a second skin. But don't be fooled by the slim profile. The housing has a rigid Plextonium Poly Carbonate outer shell for the best protection against scratches and bumps, while the internal core made of DALAST TPE tear and tear resistant. And there are a variety of shades you can choose from (The Teal / Gray our favorite).

Price: $ 29.99

Where to buy:

9. Griffin Reveal case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clear

If the idea of ??hiding the outer side of your Galaxy S7 Edge in one case seems absurd to you, the Griffin Reveal Clear Case is the perfect solution. Thanks to Transparent and transparent Poly Carbonate material of which compound, the ultra slim case offers solid protection for the Galaxy S7 Edge without hiding the external design. The case fits perfectly to the Galaxy S7 Edge ed backed by a one-year warranty .

Price: $ 19.99

Where to buy:

10. Obliq Slim metal case for Galaxy S7 Edge

Smartphone cases can be robust and surprising at the same time and the Obliq Slim Metal case is a case in point. Having a back made in brushed metal, rather an aspect. But there's more to the Obliq Slim Metal Case. The double-layer case made of a robust TPU and Poly Carbonate and has precise cutouts to conveniently access all the ports / buttons of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Not only that, the inner layer has a cushioning motif. The custody designed in the United States and manufactured in Korea, so you can expect truly exceptional quality.

Price: $ 14.99 (gray space), $ 16.99 (satin silver, rose gold and champagne gold)

Where to buy:

11. Spigen Galaxy S7 Edge slim edge case

The Spigen Thin Fit case is so thin and light, which is not noticeable when connected to the Galaxy S7 Edge. This makes it perfect for users who only want minimal protection for the Galaxy S7 Edge. The case made of high quality polycarbonate and has a soft and matte finish . The most interesting thing about the Spigen Thin Fit case is that leaves the buttons and door openings completely exposed, thus allowing much easier access.

Price: $ 9.99 (black), $ 10.99 (gunmetal and mint)

Where to buy:

12. Z-Roya hybrid armor case for Galaxy S7 Edge

Thanks to its robust yet incredible design, the Z-Roya Hybrid Armor case gives the Galaxy S7 Edge a unique and resistant appearance. The case consists of two layers, one in TPU and the other manufactured in Poly Carbonate, thus offering excellent protection against bumps and falls. There is a integrated stand that you can use to support the device. And the fact of have a microfiber cleaning cloth and an HD screen protector with casemakes it an even better deal.

Price: $ 12.99

Where to buy:

Protect the Galaxy S7 Edge from damage

As impressive and powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is, however, a delicate device that needs protection from accidental bumps, falls and other types of damage. And the cases and covers discussed above do just that. So what will your Galaxy S7 Edge be? Shout in the comments below.