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Vine for Android updates, widgets arrive!

The application of Vine arrived about a month ago on the Google store, and now ready to launch a updating really important. With the version 1.3.1 many are being prepared novelty, which make Vine even easier to use.

For the uninitiated, Vine is an app that allows you to create gods mini-video, just 6 seconds, via tablet or smartphone. Small ones gif that make communication and tweets more lively.

It will improve the entire graphical interface, but the most important novelty the Vine widget, which will allow you to start recording the video immediately, without first going through the application.

Here are all the updates of this new version in detail:

  • Browse or forward your messages to 15 new channels: a new and very convenient way to browse videos based on their category.
  • Share your favorite posts with all your followers on Vine with a tap
  • Instantly open the Vine camera right from the home
  • Record in style using new tools such as the new focus, the grid and the tool "Ghost": this allows you to see the "ghost" of the last frame to keep the stop motion videos stable.
  • New mute button in the menu
  • Improve your performance

In addition, Vine added lto use the front camera of the device, already from the end of June; an update as simple as it has been long overdue. In fact many of the videos are made frontally, by those who are using the device.

After that too Instagram gave the possibility to insert videos, Vine obviously had a drop in popularity. Vine is still the only app, easy and quick to use, which creates small looped videos. Now with this updatingVine aims to have supremacy over other video capture apps, at least in the Android environment. The widget it could be a great way to accomplish this.

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