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VectorWorks 9.01 and Renderworks 9 arrive in Italian

The two products are the result of two years of research and development and constitute the new foundation for the generation of CAD Vertical Solutions Industry Series solutions. VectorWorks 9, leader in the mid-range CAD market, modernizes and redefines through a new internal engine a series of features that underlie its design environment.

Some of the biggest improvements in VectorWorks 9:– fundamental improvements in the CAD engine make version 9 more stable and more precise, thanks to a 64-bit floating point system – substantial improvements in the interface system optimize 2D drawing and 3D modeling operations – implementation of a powerful 3D technology which supports NURBS curves and extrusions along a path – DXF / DWG import / export functions now support AutoCAD 2000i and have been significantly enhanced – new free distribution Viewer, it also allows those who do not have a VectorWorks license to open projects , view and print them (drawings must be saved in 9 format) – optimized interface for Windows, able to manage floating palettes, dockable at the edges of the window – optimized interface for Macintosh, now supports Navigation Services – improvements in the management of the text, including Spelling Correction and Search / Replace commands – technologists improved printing – associative dimensioning of listed objects – support for OpenGL rendering technology on Power Macintosh – substantial improvements in the internal programming language VectorScript – new specific functions of the Italian version, including: simplified compilation of files, new editing tools 2D, tools to create triangles and tritangent circles, complete library of vector hatches, blocking projects with passwords, palette for quick access to 3D views, tool for selecting Attributes enhanced, Duplicate tool along an improved path, tool for elimination of objects, enhanced dimensioning tool, easy insertion of openings in walls, tools for creating parametric scales and enhanced parametric openings, Document Information command for detailed analysis of the objects in the project, 3D duplication of objects, rendering with hidden lines you without facets, new revised and expanded manuals.

Renderworks 9As an add-on module to VectorWorks and the products of the Vertical Solutions series, RenderWorks 9 offers new features that allow better control and accurate customization of textures. The user can create an almost infinite series of materials, based on procedural shaders or on bitmap textures. RenderWorks 9 much faster than the previous version (up to 300%). Some of the functional improvements are: separate control of the components for the definition of a shader (color, reflectivity, transparency, bumping); NURBS, advanced rendering modes, possibility to export in VRML format.

The Vertical Solutions in Italian are comingThe release of version 9 also coincides with the birth of the Vertical Solutions Industry line, a line of products linked to version 9 aimed at specific sectors such as architectural design, cartography, the production of scenographies and lighting systems, etc. The “Professional” version, which VideoCOM has been making for some years now, did not harmonize with the new packages of the Vertical Solutions Industry series: Architect, Landmark, Spotlight. Since this version was intended for use in the architectural / cartographic field, it was considered appropriate to distribute the functions in the vertical packages, so as to better connote their use. In fact, the Professional version has been replaced by the Architect ITA version, which corresponds only minimally to the Architect version in English. The distribution of the Italian versions of the Ertical Solutions will start from next October.

For an in-depth and detailed analysis of the new features, please consult the distributor's website: VideoCom

MacProf has been testing version 9 in English for a few weeks and will prepare a detailed report as soon as possible with a look at the additional potential of version 9.