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Motorola Moto X: extracted the camera apk [Download]

One of the most interesting aspects, among the many now revealed to the public, of the Motorola Moto X it concerns the camera itself, not so much in the hardware compartment and therefore on the Clear Pixel patent but in the actual application that allows you to manage the various features offered by the device.

Of screens that reveal the details and the new interaction interface, many have appeared on the net, what you might be interested in today is the possibility of installing this application directly on your devices, regardless of whether they are devices belonging to the family Nexus or that they are of more or less known brands. L'APK available for all smartphones and with the same yield, or one that is not entirely functional due to the incompleteness of the work carried out for the extraction and which will surely be perfected by the modding community once the device has been officially presented.

Currently, among the features not available, there are HDR, Panorama mode and Slow Motion function, while for the rest it is possible to start viewing their qualities directly from your display. To download it you can contact the various links below, obviously we hope to receive your considerations once tested:

– Mirror room # 1

– Mirror Room # 2

– Mirror room # 3

– Mirror room # 4

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