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Microsoft against Java also in tv decoders.

The encrypted pay-TV in Italy has for some months finally reached the democratic agreement for the single decoder but, registering the proposal of Tele + / Vivendi to buy StreamTV, one wonders how much effort was unnecessarily spent given that the operator could be soon only one.

But this is not what we want to tell you: we take this opportunity to announce a global agreement between Matsushita (Panasonic), Philips and Sony for a single product called ?the most important European event in the sector? IFA – Internationale Funkausstellung ? MHP – Multimedia Home Platform ?and which uses a Java interface, to recall a battle already seen in other electronic fields: Microsoft against Java.

The powerful trio is therefore opposed to the already known analog "TAK" of Microsoft (30%) + Thomson (70%) so far only tested in France since last February (in Germany they are confident of seeing 25% of the market take); hardware and software are strictly derived from WebTV but with some variants: MIPS processor of QED @ 250 MHz, 32 Mb of RAM, 16 Mb flash memory, 56K modem and Windows CE 2.12.

MHP intends to group all the digital and interactive offerings currently existing in a new open standard, technically speaking the heart of the hardware will be a dual MIPS processor supplied by TriMedia to Philips who will be the leader to carry out the project.

Finland will be the first nation to test the product at the end of the year, Germany and France will follow within a year from now.

While in Germany MHP will be used via satellite, Finland, Spain, France and Italy will bring it to digital terrestrial transmission (currently in an embryonic phase here with us).

MHP, via Philips, expects to introduce the set top boxes in Germany with an ST5512 @ 60 MHz processor based device from ST Microelectronics, 16 Mb SDRAM and 8 Mb of flash memory, for the version with TriMedia the destination will be the rest of Europe.

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