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Jobs: iMac LCD? Well … Mah … Maybe

Jobs: iMac LCD? Well … Mah … Maybe logomacitynet1200wide 1

?An iMac with liquid crystal display? Ni, I know, well, maybe, well … "Steve Jobs's answer to the direct and explicit question of a financial analyst was not exactly this, but it got very close to us. The impudence to address a similar question to the CEO Apple was a financial analyst during the meeting that the company held here in New York on the sidelines of the presentation of the financial results and the MacWorld Expo. The analyst explicitly mentioned the new consumer product with liquid crystal display asking if it was true or not that Apple was working on such a product. Jobs cleverly avoided giving an answer, saying neither yes nor yes no. "Apple is very interested in the LCD market – Jobs said, circumventing the answer – these are products that have great advantages over CRTs. In particular in the environmental field they not only allow you to save in energy terms but do not contain lead. This could prompt the US government to impose a tax on traditional monitors. Apple has shown that it intends to pursue the path of liquid crystal monitors since we no longer have any traditional products in our range. " Jobs added that Apple is working on a smaller and thinner iMac without adding anything else and without linking the two arguments together. Despite this, it seems quite clear that reading between the lines the answer to the question on the new iMac LCD would have been simply "yes ' ". It remains to be seen when and how the machine will be released, but that there will be doubts at this point.

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