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ISPs voted for AirPort.

An exceptional instrument such as AirPort in our part will be known and appreciated only when certain short-sighted taxes fall, in other words we look over the ocean.

Apple illustrates how the panorama of Internet Service Providers (for now American) has noticed the Wi-Fi system (the consortium for the IEEE 802.11) and offers connections in various points of North American cities.

If you are patrons of the hugely popular Starbucks coffee shops (which have become famous for being able to sell hyper-long coffees with exotic names such as "Raspberry Mocha Chip Frappuccino" making them pay about three times what it would cost for a normal coffee) in Seattle, San Francisco, New York and the state Texas, MobileStar Network Corporation is right for you: $ 3 for the first 15 minutes and then 20 cents for all subsequent minutes.

More or less the same idea is followed by another ISP by the name with assonances that lead us to remote times: Surf and Sip Network, even free, just go to the affiliated points of sale (basically independent cafes and hotels) and you must not leave the cashier even one dollar.

Another free AirWave wireless ISP (of which we had already praised the qualities in another article, to which we refer you).

Instead, Wayport could be a frequent flyers' paradise because from the airport (Austin, Dallas, Seattle and San Jose) to the hotel (also abroad, in the prestigious Four Seasons hotels, but, obviously, not in Italy), it promises to give you a continuous wireless connection: a daily flat from 7 dollars all that you are asked to spend to turn green with envy those who don't even know that Wi-Fi exists.