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iPhone 3G and iPhone edge: iPod accessory compatibility is not guaranteed

When a new model of a very popular Apple digital player like the iPod comes out and now the iPhone starts the hunt for users (and dealers) to understand what accessories are already on the market that can work without problems. forms a total and clearly visible discriminant for the use of rigid and tailor-made cases of the previous models there are other differences not perceptible at a first glance that advise against or limit the use of some accessories with the new products on the market. what happens with the arrival of the iPhone 3G.

The shape, the cases and the sensorsIf, as we have seen in our review, the most marked differences between the Edge and 3G models are in the shape of the back, the biggest compatibility problem lies in the use of rigid cases, those modeled around the exact profile of the first iPhone , very often made of hard plastic or "crystal" material: you have no hope of reusing them.

zcover with holes

On the other hand, there are good hopes with the cases in soft leather, those configured in an "envelope" and some of those in silicone: the material that adapts adaptably to the new shape allows it to be inserted inside without problems but apart from the "blind" cases "Those in which the mobile phone is inserted like an envelope from which it must be extracted completely free at the time of use. The old" adaptable "cases such as the zCover that we mentioned in this article may have a problem or, at least, not make you take advantage of the new arrangement of proximity and brightness sensors from Apple, especially if made with opaque material that does not allow access not only to the screen but to the upper part where the sensors are housed in a new arrangement. new zCover model portrayed here and by many others created specifically for iPhone 3G now next to the loudspeaker to be brought close to the hard ear nte the conversation there are two holes that allow the correct use of the proximity sensors and brightness arranged in "J". Thanks to this new configuration Apple makes it easier to disable the screen in case of ear approach: in this way you can not should repeat the problem of the random activation of the "handsfree" or "mute" buttons that remained active even when responding by obscuring the brightness sensor with the previous model. To conclude: you can use an old "adaptable" case but pay attention when using the telephone: the covered sensors could leave the screen on, increasing consumption and leaving the operating keys active.

VideoAnother sore point of compatibility are the video outputs.As reported on the occasion of the release of the Edge model, the iPod touch and the Nano 3G and Classic models, Apple has changed the video output chip and the old docks that allowed connection to the TV they just don't work anymore. Some people like Altec Lansing have proposed an iPhone dock (T612) with the same physical characteristics as the previous model for iPod (T602) but eliminating the video output tout-court.

Apart from some models, of which we promise to check the functionality, there are very few audio systems able to provide an iPhone compatible video output and the most versatile and certainly functional solution (even if expensive) that of the cable + power supply sold by Apple in composite version (for old CRT with cathode ray tube and maximum compatibility with different video solutions) or Component (for connection to LCD or Plasma monitors with this input and the highest quality obtainable).

MicrophonesAt the moment there are no external microphones for direct quality audio recordings with iPhone: the accessories of Tunewear, Belkin, Griffin, Macally that bring these features (for some models also on iPod nano 3G and iPod classic) are not simply compatible with iPhone and iPod touch with new firmware. There are monophonic external microphones to be combined with quality stereo headphones but they are only a substitute for Apple's basic equipment and allow the quality of a telephone conversation and certainly not the quality of an interview recording. retransmissible or even an audio performance.

powerThe most amazing thing noticed with the arrival of the new Apple phones is the incompatibility with the power supply of docks and audio systems. When the iPhone is inserted into the receptacle for the power supply and the audio-video-data connection of some models we will see a message appearing on the screen "Charging with this accessory not supported …" which warns of the impossibility of charging the device . In reality, on some of these, the recharging takes place the same. Given the vast production of this type of accessories, it is difficult to make a list of the models more or less able to recharge the Cupertino mobile phone here and for this we refer to the readers' reports on the our Forum, we will not fail to report it.

Protection from telephone noiseSince the release of the iPhone Edge, devices initially conceived for iPods but "certified" for use with iPhones have appeared on the market: these are models that in fact have a shielding that cannot resist the disturbances of the cellular radio of the device without condemning you to listen to frying music or various cyclic noises in the midst of music. It is to be said that also on these dedicated devices appears the writing that invites you to disable the telephone part as on the generic ones but you can obviously omit the Other devices that we are testing do not carry any dedicated writing but seem not to be affected by the disturbances of the telephone part of the iPhone in the music reproduction or in the silence of the standby.

Other accessories …Bad news for those who want to run with the Apple phone and related Armband perhaps with Nike shoes on their feet: the relative communication device that works with iPod nano not compatible with iPhone (n with iPod touch) even with version 2.0 of the firmware. The thing is not entirely negative: you will not want to be available on your mobile phone even in moments of relaxation? No compatibility even for the accessory that allowed you to transfer photos from a digital camera to the iPod for a convenient backup: but this is not a big surprise since all the latest models of Apple digital players were not able to take advantage of the device.

The final advice that we give you to carefully check the compatibility tables that manufacturers put in the description of their accessories, to ask your dealer for news and, if possible, to directly check if your iPhone audio system is able to work properly, to recharge or to allow the connection of your precious handyman reader to the TV. Obviously the other advice is to consult our Forum and check the experiences of the other readers and communicate any other incompatibilities, perhaps starting from this page.