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Griffin Wave, hard but lively cover for iPhone 3G

The ever-reliable Griffin is also starting to promote its new iPhone 3G products. Let's start with the Griffin Wave cover, a polycarbonate covel with similar features and those of a wave and with bright and vibrant colors.

Thanks to the resistant material, the Apple mobile phone will be safe from knocks and falls; not for this the appearance of the cover will be anonymous, both thanks to the original design and lines, and to the bright and various colors. The Wave is in fact available in black, yellow, pink, red, blue and green.

Like all respectable covers, Griffin's gadget ensures the integrity of the mobile phone, while leaving controls, buttons and connection ports fully accessible. The package also includes, in addition to the accessory, a cleaning cloth and a special screen protectors, to keep the touch screen out of any danger.

The Griffin Wave sold at a cost of 24.90 euros; remember that Griffin products are distributed in Italy by ADL and Attiva.