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Google Adsense: the official app finally arrives on the Play Store

One of the most interesting aspects of Google it certainly concerns the eco-system, developed around the most disparate needs of every type of person by providing a complete service capable of satisfying every need, obviously all with the style and quality that has distinguished the Mountain Views giant for years.

Despite this beautiful preface, the flaws were certainly not lacking, among these the advertising aspect, the main livelihood for BigG and extended in a worldwide circuit such as Google Adsense to all users who want to make use of it, an innovative and very useful service, especially if well used, which has always lacked support for device control, at least until today. After a long wait, the Google Adsense application was officially launched, in order to comfortably manage your profile and keep track of your account directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The application thus completes the offer of services offered by Google and available for all models, as long as they are equipped by Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, to rise, directly from the Play Store. Despite this, if compatibility problems arise, being in its first release, you can download the APK directly to be installed on your device, all through the links below:

– Google Adsense [Play Store]

– Google Adsense [APK-Download]


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