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From the creators of Ruzzle comes QuizCross, the quiz to do with friends


Download QuizCross for iPhone, the new game from the creators of Ruzzle

MAG Interactive, software house already known for the splendid Ruzzle, has released the game QuizCross on the App Store.

At the moment the game is only available for iPhone, but soon it will also arrive for Android.

quizcross iphone

Do you like Ruzzle?

Then you will also love this QuizCross, a new social game for your smartphones!

How does QuizCross work?

Very simple operation.

A game plan with nine tokens belonging to different categories appears to you and your opponent.

Each pawn hides three questions. If you play better than your opponent you can win one piece. The first player with three pieces in a row wins the game. You can take away the pieces from your opponent by providing more exact answers than he does. If the game ends even, to name the expected winner one head to head playoff.

Simple, but fun!

To be a champion in QuizCross it is not enough to know how to solve quizzes, you must also take into account your and your opponent's skills and weaknesses. P

To win the checkers remember to put in place a strategy to get three checkers in a row and win the game.

As with Ruzzle, the free and premium versions of the game are also available here. The differences? With the premium version (2.69, purchasable in-app) of the game you have access to all types of statistics to know your and your friends' ranking.

QuizCross translated into Italian (although with some errors) and available for free on the App Store.

Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone to try it at the moment, so if you try it, let me know what you think of this new game

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