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For Armi Pari: Espresso-Panorama 1 to 0

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Among the free gifts that Italian weekly magazines reserve for readers there is a CD-Rom as usual at the end of August … Every year we see the flourishing of language courses, multimedia encyclopedias, literary or artistic itineraries. But not everyone has the foresight to think of ALL the multimedia computer user park. For example, while being able to take advantage of QuickTime technologies, he preferred to make his historical story with "Video Encyclopedia of the 20th century" only for windows. Espresso, which relies on Media Link, is better the realization of his "The Masterpieces of Literature" (in collaboration with RCS and La Nuova Italia) with films, audio tracks with the possibility of recording and a 3D game. On the first CD, as a gift with the number on newsstands, you will find the first part of Dante's Inferno and then, at 24.900 L. each, the second part, Purgatory and Paradise on a single CD, will follow the Promessi Sposi, Iliade, Odissea and the Bible in two CDs. timely realized, the comments are those of Sapegno and the interactivity and the extra contents deserve the purchase of the magazine (which also offers an interesting monograph on Picasso) .An applause therefore to the Editorial Espresso that having to create a work from scratch wanted to take into account users with the Apple computer by choosing a manufacturer that is able to make the most of QuickTime technology and offer a result that everyone can enjoy. In the image below, a screen shot from the CD.

And here are the minimum requirements for Macintosh – Processor: PowerPC 604 200 – RAM: 32 Mbyte available to the application – Video card: thousands of colors (16 bit at 800 × 600) – Reader: Cd-Rom: 8x or higher – System Operative: System 8.5? Quicktime 4.1.2 or later (version 5.0 is provided with this CD-Rom) – Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape 4 (or later)

The game continues in the next few days with other editorial-multimedia initiatives. Would you like to inform us of Mac-compatible CD-Rom or DVD-Rom on newsstands? You can do this by writing to us directly or using the appropriate topic in our forum which you can access with this link >>.

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