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CyanogenMod: the Focal camera available for everyone [Download]

Excellent news comes from the team CyanogenMod, engaged in development, as well as the next CM 10.2 based on Android 4.3, also and above all in the Nemesys project whose first fruits are translatable with the term Focalwhich is the new camera application.

The particularity of this app lies in the interface, completely revisited and redesigned to give life to a new concept capable of competing, if not even imposing itself as superior, to the same applications present in stock on the devices of well-known brands such as HTC is Samsung, in addition to the future Motorola Moto X, also one of the few with a unique UI and the features that few devices have.

Focal, in fact, with functionality for panoramic shots, of PicSphere, or Photo Sphere, all accessible via a simple expandable button as well as the settings management menu, this for side scrolling, in perfect harmony with the latest version of the applications Google.

After a long rumor the APK has finally been made available for download and can be installed on any device, although it should be reported as after a first functional start, the application is suddenly unusable, probably a problem due to the type of ROM installed being the application developed for total compatibility, as you can imagine, only for CyanogenMod.

To download, you can contact the following link, obviously communicating your impressions about it:

– Focal Nemesys APK [Download]


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