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50 Best Tweaks of Cydia and Applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod

The fundamental Jailkbreak on iOS, do you want for a system too closed or for the myriad of applications and various utilities that do not see the light on the official AppStore because of the restrictions imposed by Apple, Cydia, the app that allows you to download on our product Apple like iPhone, iPad or iPod many applications, also Crakkate or simple Tweaks that improve the user experience on iOS.

In the virtual application store Cydia there are many Apps, a very crowded store, there are hundreds of thousands of Apps and it is difficult to extricate oneself from the many Tweaks available. Although with iOS 6 it will be difficult to Jaikbrekkare our Cydia device continues to expand and here in this article we will see which are the 50 best Cydia Tweaks (36 Free and 14 Paid) to absolutely have on our Apple product.


1. Universal Video Downloader (Allows you to download any streaming video playing in any app)

2. SwipeBack (Add via a simple Swipe on the Display to go back one step within all the iOS applications)

3. GO SMS (Famous on Android the Messaging App present in the Cydia shop with a quick response, pop-up notification and beautiful themes)

4. iCleaner (Get some space to store on your iPhone by letting the app remove the garbage from the file system)

5. VSNotifications (Reads Notifications out loud and speaks in predefined text about some system actions)

6. 360MobileSafe (Privacy App with call blocking, burglar alarm and network monitoring options)

7. SlyCam (a mini-camera inside the Notification Center to secretly photograph)

8. Zeppelin (use a logo of your choice instead of the carrier's name in the status bar)

9. NotiQuiet (Disable all notifications every time you use the selected application)

10. BrowserChooser (Set Chrome or any other browser in iOS as the default choice for opening links from other applications)

11. MultiTunes (Prevents deletion of data from iTunes and allows synchronization with multiple libraries so that the data of your iPhone accidentally swept from iTunes ever again. This tweak allows you to take advantage of to synchronize your device with as many iTunes libraries as you want.)

12. AccountChanger (Perfect for quickly switching between multiple Apple IDs in the App Store)

13. StatusBulletin (Convert banner notifications by ticker such as notifications that appear only within the status bar and show the entire content of each communication)

14. Sara (A complete alternative to Siri for older iOS devices)

15. SiriToggles (Launch Applications or Activate Settings via Siri)

16. MusicGestures (Playback and navigation gestures to control music playback)

17. overachiever (Unlock all Game Center achievements for any game)

18. MissionBoard (Activate Gestures, Graphical App Switcher)

19. Go Desk (panoramic and interactive live wallpapers for iOS)

20. Custom NC Background (Set any image as the background of the Notification Center)

21. Vuziq (Use any video from YouTube as the Video Ringtone for incoming calls)

22. SBUtility (Change the appearance of folders, SpringBoard and Icons)

23. IconRotator (Landscape mode on SpringBoard)

24. Plugication (Music every time you restart playback when headphones are connected after accidentally disconnecting)

25. Bars (Highest level of accuracy in signal strength)

26. DisableNC Switch (Prevents the Notification Center from showing up while running full screen applications)

27. Lorem (Delete a single notification from the Notification Center, rather than the whole group)

28. PersistentAssistant (Makes it unnecessary to press the Siri button after each command and response)

29. Safari Download Enabler (Although this tweak is not a full download manager for Safari, it manages to capture any file regardless of format. Downloaded files can be opened in iFile or with other compatible applications.)

30. SMS Stats (indicates the total number of SMS sent from your iPhone and shows messaging statistics for individual contacts)

31. AddNote (export text quickly and anywhere to the stock Notes app)

32. Activoice (launch Google Voice Search, Googles and text search by any gesture of your choice)

33. Pull to Dismiss (Quickly Hide the Keyboard with a simple gesture)

34. iSounds (associates predefined or personalized sounds, with different system actions, such as launching the launch system, apps, etc.)

35. AppCent (View exact percentage of application downloads rather than relying on the progress bar)

36.Protect My Privacy (Whenever you try to access applications to your personal data, this tweak sends false information to protect your privacy)


1. Imperium (A nice alternative App Switcher allows you to switch with system and app shortcuts)

2. Bridge (Add stock music files and video applications by downloading them directly from Mail or Safari, without the need for iTunes or any other desktop tool)

3. CameraTweak (Add time-lapse, delayed capture, focus and independent exposure, frame selection rate and grid overlays plus the stock camera app)

4. AnyLock (add app links and widgets to the lock screen)

5. Dashboard X (lock screen and widgets on the home screen)

6. BrowseInApp (Opens external links in applications without opening navigation on a browser)

7. Deck (Add a sidebar with extra app shortcuts)

8.Attachments + (Preview of almost all the main types of files inside the Mail. Mail application that also allows you to attach files directly from iFile.)

9. Switchy (doubles the Height of the App Switcher to accommodate multiple system icons and shortcuts)

10. Unlockize (Adds beautiful unlock animations to the lock screen)

11. AnimateAll (Set Live Wallpapers to Lock Screen, Home Screen and / or Background Center Notification)

12. Messages2PDF (Create a Backup of all your SMS in the form of a PDF file that can be exported via email)

13. ImmediateSend (Touch the notification banner to reply to texts from anywhere without having to open the Messages or Mail application)

14. Timer Options (Like Tasker for iOS, it allows you to schedule system actions and other Tasks and can be activated or deactivated via Swype)

We are sure that some of the features offered by these changes and other applications will in their way be part of future iOS updates as already happened in the previous releases, but there will always be something new that can be brought to the table by Cydia. Let's just hope that someone can develop an untethered Jailbreak to make the most of iOS 6.

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