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"3" launches the Full Music3 flat music for 3 euros per week

3 Italia also enters the fray of the music market and launches its digital service, presented as the first "the first mobile service in Italy with unlimited music downloads".

Full Music3 (this is the name of the carrier's proposals) will in fact allow you to download an unlimited number of music tracks to your mobile phone, provided you pay the weekly sum of 3 euros. It will be possible to register (and unsubscribe) via a simple SMS, with automatic renewal every week and the possibility of free suspension. For now, the promotion reserved for all those who, from August 15 until August 14, will purchase the Nokia N82 mobile phone with the Choose 3 New option, with rechargeable or subscription. For the first three months the service will be free; then it will cost 3 euros per week as mentioned.

3 however confirmed that the promotion will subsequently be extended to other devices. The downloaded songs are part of the catalog of three of the four majors (Sony bmg, Universal and Warner), and the files will not be free but in AAC + format, with DRM attached to prevent copying. We will start with 300 thousand songs, to add about 20 thousand each month.

A service of sure interest, given the possibility of an unlimited download; we will see if it will also be available on the iPhone which, as announced, will also soon be sold by three, since it is a service in competition with the iTunes Wi-Fi Store of the Apple mobile phone.