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WhatsApp no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger works on iPhone 3G and old devices


WhatsApp wants to block support for old iPhones

Bad news comes for all users who have an iPhone 3G and who use WhatsApp to keep in touch with all friends, relatives and acquaintances.


What happened specifically?

In essence, WhatsApp has stopped offering support to users with an iPhone 3G.

Let's see what happened in detail.

Not only can the new versions of WhatsApp Messengernon not be installed on the old iDevices, but now it is no longer possible even to use the previous versions that have already been installed and that worked until recently.

Even those who bought the program, therefore, can no longer use it because the developers have blocked access from the server side.

New versions of WhatsApp Messenger require iOS 4.3 or above to be installed.

The reason linked to XCode 4.5, but the thing has been known for some time. Basically, the latest versions of WhatsApp cannot be installed on those devices for which Apple does not allow the firmware update beyond iOS 4.2.1, such as iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G.

Although the devices are now dated, there are many users who are still in possession of an iPhone 3G and who have regularly purchased WhatsApp. Ok that the program is no longer updatable, but that now it just stops working seems absurd to me.

The news, dating back to yesterday evening, concerns the 2.8.4 version of WhatsApp Messeger, which could be installed on the iPhone 3G / 2G and which many users have purchased and installed, but which now no longer works.

In practice, those who had installed WhatsApp on iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G, can no longer use it because WhatsApp has blocked the support on the server side.

Users, rightly, are furious: they cannot use something regularly purchased and paid for.

Precisely for this reason a movement that invites community users to report this inconvenience and to request the reintegration of support for iPhone 3G and 2G so as to allow owners of old versions of WhatsApp to be able to use it.

In particular, you are asked to send an email tosupport@whatsapp.comwith objectWhatsApp v2.8.4 supportand as text of the message the following:

Please dont block WhatsApp v2.8.4 for iOS server-side otherwise lots of old iPhone users will not be able to use WhatsApp anymore. Please dont answer that it is a policy of AppStore: YOU blocked the access server-side. We dont want to upgrade the application but we want to continue to use the last version available for our device since we paid for it. Thanks you

The text of the translated message:

Please do not block the 2.8.4 version of WhastApp from the server side otherwise many users of old iPhones will never be able to use WhatsApp again. Please do not answer that fault of the AppStore policy: YOU have blocked access from the server side. We do not ask for an updated application but we want to continue using the latest version available for our devices, since we have paid for it. Thank you

Clicking >> HERE <<the email will be filled in automatically and you just have to send it.

If you wish, you can also leave your message on the Facebook page of WhastApp.

It is true that today over 95% of Apple devices in circulation have iOS higher than 5.1 and maintaining support for such old versions increases costs and forces developers to give up the latest features for the most updated iOS, but the question that all apps purchased with iPhone must continue to work with the version currently available.

as if someone bought a PS2 game, then the PS3 comes out and that game becomes incompatible. If you paid for the program regularly, you must be able to use it as much as you want.

We will see what the developments of this story will be. We will keep you posted.

Do you have an old iPhone? Can you use WhatsApp? let us know your situation through the comments.

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