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Vodafone Italia, Navigator arrives and a Live window! for iPhone

A widget to access some Live services, dedicated applications and a site specifically designed for iPhone owners. Here are some of the steps that Vodafone is preparing to take for the launch of the Apple mobile phone in Italy and from which it is understood that the mobile operator is taking the operation very seriously also in terms of marketing and the adjustment of its services , strengthened by the approximately 700,000 visits received on its iPhone site.

One of the flagship initiatives takes the name of MyLive, a service that, as mentioned, aims to provide Apple customers who subscribe to a Vodafone subscription with a widget that groups and makes available directly on iPhone news, sports, weather, horoscope, mail electronic, information about your Vodafone account. In practice, as mentioned at the beginning it is a special version of Vodafone Live! for iPhone. MyLive will also be available via the Internet, on Mac and PC, through any web browser, at the address

A second interesting development is the launch of a special version for iPhone 3G Vodafone Navigator, a navigation software that allows users to locate addresses and track their position. The introduction of Navigator on the iPhone is obviously possible due to the presence of an A-GPS on the iPhone. It is a much more advanced version of the Google Maps service, also useful for road navigation as it provides not only the visualization of the route directly on the map by providing simple step-by-step directions but also with a voice guide, combined with a 3D map view. Vodafone Navigator will be able to calculate the route taking into account the updated information on the state of the traffic, to display points of interest chosen from different categories and also indications on speed cameras or fixed cameras. If things work like other smartphones (for example for Blackberries) it will be a subscription service. On balance it might be cheaper than downloading maps via Google Maps; the current offer for the Blackberry Pearl 8110 free for the first year, (you only pay the cost of downloading the maps, 0.5 cent / Kb downloaded which translated into practice means that a city route of about 10 km costs about 20 cent ), while from the second year it costs 29 euros including VAT. Vodafone Navigator under development and should be available, roughly, by September.

Among other interesting services for iPhone customers, a service that will notify via sms when the data traffic provided in its offer ends, in order to avoid "bill shock" phenomena (ie that customers who exceed the mega expected in the offer may incur excessive bills). In any case, as is known, once the monthly data traffic threshold included in the plans has been exceeded, it will be possible to download at a cost of 3 euros up to 150MB.

Finally, Vodafone is preparing demonstration totems for its stores. These are workstations where anyone who enters One stores will be able to test iPhone and its functions. A good way to advertise and adequately present Cupertino's phone and the Vodafone offers related to it.