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TikTok, new features: Family Filter and Time Management in the Feed

TikTok, the most downloaded app in the world (excluding games), today announced the introduction of a new set of parental controls, Family filter is Time Management in the Feed, to allow parents to limit the use of the application is keep track of time spent online.

We know that when users use TikTok they expect a fun, authentic and safe experience. For this reason, we are committed to constantly offering new features and resources that will help them to better enjoy the platform.

The Family Filter, reads a note, associates an adult's TikTok account with that of the minor for which he is responsible. Once activated, the association will allow intervention on the Application Control features, including:

  • Time management: allows you to set a maximum time that the minor can spend each day on TikTok.
  • Direct messages: allows you to limit who can send messages to the associated account, or to disable them entirely.
  • Limited mode: excludes content that may not be suitable for everyone

These features were already available in the app. The new Family Filter mode simply allows a parent to enable or disable them and prevents these from being directly modified by teenagers.

As for Time Management in the Feed, TikTok has tightened a partnership with some creators to create a system of proactive notifications in the app that remind users, directly while watching videos, to keep an eye on the time they spend online and encourage them to take a break.

We will continue to introduce new ways to ensure community security so that our users can stay focused on the most important thing for them: create, share, and appreciate the creativity of other TikTok users.

Family Filter and Time Management in the Feed are already available in the UK and will be introduced for Italian users in the coming weeks.