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Record quarter for Nvidia

Record quarter for Nvidia logomacitynet1200wide 1

It is a record for the quarter of Nvidia. The Californian company, in fact, closed its second fiscal quarter with $ 260 million in revenue, about 90 more than it managed to achieve in the same quarter of last year. It envies a truly unique case in the IT world. During the various tax reports that have progressively closed in the past weeks, the announcements of profits and significant increases in turnover have been very few. The company that operates in the sector of 3D acceleration chips thanks for the financial successes the conquest of new markets, like the Mac that has become a protagonist today, and that of the laptops to which the GoForce 2GO chips are supplied today.Nvidia could continue to grow in the coming months. The 3D chip that will provide the Microsoft X-BOX, expected to be sold in millions of pieces worldwide from the autumn, will be produced by Nvidia. Nvdia will also enter the so-called platform processor sector (in fact the reference design of the motherboards that will include Nvidia chips), which will allow a further qualitative leap.

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