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Radeon 7500 Mobility, a rocket

Radeon 7500 Mobility, a rocket logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Radeon 7500, the new laptop card presented two days ago by ATI, seems truly capable of shaking up the competition and giving laptops unprecedented graphics computing power. Some tests carried out in the context of the presentation of the same sheet and reported by the 3Drage website would demonstrate this. Benchs, which should be said well have been presented by the same ATI and must be verified "in the field", show that the Rage 7500 can actually easily overcome Nvidia's GeForce 2Go. In Quake Arena 1.1 on a 1.13 GHz PC with WindowsMe the ATI card respectively scored 68 frames per second against 31 of the GeForce at the highest quality (1280x1024x32) reaching 143 frames against 90 in High Quality (800x600x32). that according to ATI the card for laptops capable of beating even the traditional Radeon, in desktop version and also available for Mac beaten by a margin ranging from 20 to 30%. We remember that the Radeon 7500 in fact an enhanced version of the Radeon desktop of which uses the main technologies, including the chip, but with measures that reduce consumption and heating. It does not use the Radeon 8500 chip of recent release and which for now is only intended for the desktop market. According to some rumors, the Radeon 7500 would be the acceleration card of a future Apple laptop.

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