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New models from Handspring?

New models from Handspring? logomacitynet1200wide 1

If Palm, as mentioned in recent days, plans to launch a new mid-range PDA, Handspring will not remain with its hands in hand, according to rumors, Donna Dubinsky's company may already introduce two new models on Monday aimed at competing with those of Palm. It would be the successors of the Visor Deluxe, and the Visor Platinum which will be characterized, according to some sources, by faster processors and greater memory allocation. The mid-range sector today one of the most appetite but also of the most crowded for PDAs. Most manufacturers target this range because it allows higher sales, due to its costs, than the higher one and allows higher profits than the lower one to appear. Analysts for indicate some risks in this process of transition from old to new models and from one band to another. Palm, for example, found itself facing the need to liquidate the warehouses when it presented the m505 and m500 and still today has not completely succeeded in the company with serious damage to its balance sheet. Now he could be in the same situation when introducing the m125 that will replace the Vx; for Handspring the alarm could sound when it launches the rumored new model which has the arduous task of replacing the Visor DeLuxe (the best selling of the Visor models) and the Platinum (the third best selling model).

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