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iPhone 9 (SE 2) expected in March, but Coronavirus may delay iPad Pro

The consequences of Coronavirus have forced Apple to revise downward the forecasts of the results of the current quarter, warning about possible supply problems in the iPhone production chain, in any case according to Bloomberg the Cupertino multinational is still part of the roadmap to introduce iPhone 9 in March, cheap terminal also referred to as iPhone SE 2.

But even if Apple manages to meet the timing of the iPhone 9 in March, the financial newspaper raises doubts that it can do the same for the new generation of iPad Pro 2020, initially scheduled within the first half of this year, but which could be postponed precisely for the effects and consequences of Coronavirus. Indications already emerged several times in the past few hours, with a possible Apple keynote in late March, although according to the sources it is unclear whether one or more devices will be postponed, or perhaps announced and then marketed later.

iphone 9 in March

The iPhone 9 terminal expected in March with a design similar to the iPhone 8 but with the latest generation Apple A13 processor, a single camera and a Touch ID fingerprint reader to contain costs and final sale price, in the USA expected at about $ 400. Instead, the iPad Pro 2020 are expected with an enhanced photographic sector, perhaps with three lenses as in the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

The slowdowns of Apple's commercial and manufacturing activities in China for Coronavirus are the reasons for the downward revision of the quarterly results. Small and large suppliers and partners of Cupertino in China are struggling to resume activities at previous levels, also due to the safety and health measures in place to contain the epidemic. According to internal Foxconn sources reported by Bloomberg, the production giant has resumed its activities in the plants and is hiring staff but behind schedule.

The iPad Pro 2020 renders show the triple iPhone 11 Pro-style camera

Instead of being able to draw on the total workforce, new hires are being used to avoid transfers of people from the provinces most affected by the virus. The hired workers must however respect a quarantine period of 14 days in the company dormitories, now more and more crowded and beds that are running out.

Although Foxconn Quanta and other contract manufacturing giants are moving some of their production to Taiwan, India and other countries, analysts agree that Apple's supply chain in China is too large and integrated to be relocated entirely out of the Dragon Country in time. short and not even in the medium term.

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