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iPhone 3G: launch midnight in Rimini

iPhone 3G: launch midnight in Rimini iPhone 3G: launch midnight in Rimini

There are those like Mauro Mancini from Macerata in 180 km in syrup and here together with many young people from Rimini and the surrounding area but also from Ancona, Perugia and Pesaro to patiently wait for their turn in picking up the chosen iPhone.

Mauro, in order to go home with an iPhone also for friends and be at work on Friday morning at a decent time, paid out almost 100 euros to buy one of the first places among the 60 that were in line for a few hours before but satisfied : “I asked around for the availability of the phone and everyone had told me that there would not be many to buy and almost all those available in large retail stores, only with a subscription. So I came here and found a lot of people when I arrived. They had already organized with a number but I was among the last … "

"So many people had never seen each other .. and to say that in 10 years of activity we have made new product launches." says Ms. Pirozzi, owner of the "Il Telefonino" shop in Piazza Ferrari 24 "even when we moved to this new location with truly extraordinary mobile offers there were not many people and the opening was definitely not at midnight! What amazes me the tranquility of the guys out here who will still be forced to wait a few hours for the end of all activations (managed by 3 operators editor's note) and who have organized themselves to not create crowds. "

A satisfaction also expressed by the TIM area managers present in the store: “we believed in this launch event especially in the seaside areas because from the first days of the announcement of the date we received a lot of requests and we saw the enthusiasm increase of our current customers and the expectations of new ones. It's nice to see how such a moment has turned into a kind of party and a moment of meeting to make people from different places known. "

For the record: the first customer to go out with an iPhone from the Tim center of Rimini came from Ancona.

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