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From California to New Zealand to tear iPhone 3G apart

From California to New Zealand to tear iPhone 3G apart logomacitynet1200wide 1

There are numerous and sometimes strange reasons that push you to wait long hours in line, under the sun and in the cold at night, in order to be the first to get your hands on the new Apple products. Among the strangest cases we remember the "serial codists" people present at important events, including lately several Apple launches and inaugurations, only to be the first, always. With his latest venture, the iFixit correspondent creates another surreal record: the first in line on another continent to be the first to dismantle the new iPhone 3G.

Among the most important discoveries documented by the breaking up of the iPhone 3G we mention the separation between the screen glass and the actual LCD panel, united in the first version. With the EDGE version of the iPhone, the breaking of the crystal entailed repair costs for this reason, while in the new iPhone the operation should be easier and therefore, theoretically, even less expensive.

Another novelty is represented by the logic and communication cards, no longer superimposed but all integrated in a single long card such as the smartphone, a solution that allows you to reduce the size of the circuitry and use the space for a larger battery. The latter is no longer soldered to the motherboard, another improvement that should make replacement easier.

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