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Firmware 2.0 for iPhone appears on the web

Firmware 2.0 for iPhone appears on the Web logomacitynet1200wide 1

The link for the Firmware 2.0 download was discovered by examining Apple's XML code: the file named iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw even more recent than the version installed on the iPhone 3Gs delivered in these hours and which are also slowly appearing on the Internet . The file stored on Apple servers has not yet been officially released: although it is likely that this will be done soon, there are currently no public links available for download. The file occupies about 225 MB: the direct link also available on this page of the site, among the first to report the news.

To all the brave who wish to install it immediately on their iPhone, we remind you that, unlike all the Firmware versions seen to date, the most recent 2.0 during installation erases all user data, music, movies and more. Apple warns of the inconvenience and has prepared iTunes to make a full backup of the device. The user must expressly accept the operation, in this way after the update, it will be possible to recover all iPhone data at once.

The operation, not recommended for the faint hearted, seems to work without problems but at the moment only on iPhones and not on iPod touches. Voices from iPhone Edge users come from the web who have successfully installed it and can now access the App Store and use the other functions offered by Firmware 2.0.

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