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Farewell to Corel's Linux

Farewell to Corel Linux logomacitynet1200wide 1

Corel is going to sell most of its Linux business. According to rumors, a recently established company called Xandros acquired the assets that dealt with the Open Source operating system for a total of 2 million dollars, just over 4 billion lire. Corel would retain 5% of the shares of the Linux unit. If the news was founded it would be the confirmation of what has been happening in the IT world for months and which the Ottawa company has never denied. Indeed, even recently, CEO Derek Burney had said that the Linux sector was holding back Corel's recovery, which had long been in a difficult financial crisis. The sale of the Linux sector would allow Corel, which also has great interests in the Mac sector, to focus its attention in the field of graphic applications.We remember that Corel controls approximately 25% of the Linux Os market, second only to RedHat and that last year the segment had produced a considerable turnover. Most analysts had valued the division's value at $ 5 million. Corel has not currently denied or confirmed the rumors.

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