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Fake reviews on Amazon: the new system to cancel them

The company's new one-touch star rating feature seeks to get more feedback from customers … real customers

False reviews on Amazon cannot be stopped. They still exist and will continue to exist. But the largest e-commerce platform in the world recently made a change which could instead help to "drown them".

Amazon has indeed introduced the so-called "one touch ratings”For product reviews, allowing buyers to deliver a star rating without the need to write a review to accompany it.

The change has already led to an increase in overall customer feedback, a competitive advantage that Amazon has over many of its larger competitors. Some industry observers believe that another indirect impact of the change will be a significant increase in authentic ratings that will make passing fake reviews more difficult.

"As the number of ratings increases, customers can see a larger set and therefore a more accurate rating", he has declared Patrick Miller, co-founder of Flywheel Digital, an agency that helps major consumer brands sell on Amazon. "For brands, this means that review clubs and black hat vendors will have less impact, as fake reviews as a percentage of legitimate reviews should decrease".

fake Amazon reviews

The false reviews on Amazon are only the colossus ofJeff Bezoshas tried to nip several times, but with little construct. Because the network that hides behind the fake reviews is structured in a solid way and has organized a very difficult system to unhinge: the product is actually purchased by the user, therefore for Amazon it is a certified purchase . Too bad that the next day, the seller (or whoever for him) provides through an external channel, the refund of the purchase with the addition of a few dollars in compensation. The seller usually willing to pay between $ 4 and $ 5 per review. A sort of masked marketing campaign.

And the new rating feature comes at a time when fake product reviews have attracted attention from the media and Amazon itself, while more consumers are making more online purchases.

The new one-touch feature asks customers to select from a five-star for a product. available only to customers who have actually purchased the item from Amazon, therefore "verified" buyers. This barrier alone creates an obstacle which will make the new rating system more difficult. And as the new rating feature attracts more and more feedback from verified buyers, it will become more expensive for schemers buy enough fake reviews to try and change a report on a product.

A downside to consider with the new one-touch system for acquirents will be to do some work to identify how many parts of the overall customer feedback are actually written reviews, since the total number listed at the top of a product page now a combined total of overall star ratings and reviews.