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Ex-Maya man at Apple

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Apple hires Richard Kerr. Former Maya project manager at Alias ​​| Wavefront becomes director of development strategies. The announcement has not yet been made directly by Apple, but it is certainly given by some newspapers including MacWorld UK which has followed the Kerris story very closely. The former executive of Alias ​​| Wavefront was one of the key figures in the development of the version of Maya for Mac and his departure from the company had made us fear that the porting of the popular 3D animation program could suffer a setback. This was not the case and Kerris, however, remained "in the orbit" of the company providing his advice; during the last MacWorld Expo it also took the stage of the keynote to expose the progress of the application and its characteristics to the large audience present. The news that now Kerris is joining Apple's staff of particular interest. Although it is not clear what his task may be specifically, the impression that Kerris could be entrusted with the task of operating so that Apple can become an increasingly attractive platform for realities that are distant from it today.

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