contador Saltar al contenido is coming, the launcher that changes according to your interests a new project that arrived very recently in thePlay Store and is already enjoying enormous success among users thanks to its originality. Curious to know what it is? Let's find out together!

Imagine if yours smartphone could understand what your interests are and if he could offer you an appropriate interface every time based on what you like, providing a large amount of information regarding the things that attract you: this!

It is a new oneAndroid launcherwhich modifies the homescreen according to your interests. Just talk to your device to make him understand what you want the launcher to display. Let's avoid explanations of this type, but let's move on to a practical example:

everythingme1 "src =" "width =" 288 "height =" 512 "/><img class=Let's assume that you are passionate about music, especially the singer Adele, and you want a dynamic interface on yoursAndroid smartphonein which content about your favorite singer is displayed. By means of vocal commands it will be enough to pronounce his name, in this case "Adele", and in a blink of an eye the homescreen will be updated with a new background, new icons and contents that concern exclusively Adele. You can have quick links to his videos, his texts and much more. And this can be done with anything, all you have to do is say the name of what you like and the application will take care of the rest.

everythingme3 "src =" "width =" 288 "height =" 512 "/><img still in the Beta phase, but judging by the opinions received in thePlay Store, usersAndroid they were very satisfied with it. The application requires version 4.0 of Android, or higher. We leave you with the download box and an introductory video:

[App] me.everything.launcher [/ app]

[yframe url = ’http: // v = LfEcHi3tmKY’]


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