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Details of the Apple Tax Results Conference

The financial data report is from Fred Anderson, Apple CFO.

Here is the detail: Apple closes the third fiscal quarter with a profit of 61 million dollars corresponding to 0.17 $ per share and a turnover of 1.475 Billion

Earnings also include a $ 7 million return on investment earnings.

The average gross margin was over 29%.

Last year during this period the margin had been $ 200 million ($ 0.55 per share)

Both the turnover and the number of units sold fell by 19% compared to the corresponding quarter of last year. It went from 1.02 million macs sold in the corresponding quarter 2000 to 827,000 of the one just finished

The inventory fell below 4 weeks and to 46,000 units, it also decreased in anticipation of the new CPU releases that will be presented on May 18 during the keynote.

In the three months since its release, 200,000 copies of MacOS X have been sold.

The iBooks sold in the fiscal quarter were 182,000 and, given the high demand, a delay in the delivery of some models is still to be expected.

In the education field, Apple claims to have "turned around" by increasing its sales in the sector by 7%.

AppleStore represents 40% of Apple's turnover, up from 34% last year.

The consumer sector is the one that has the most difficulties and with the exception of iBooks, especially in the education market, there are few Apple products in this field that foresee an increase in public demands in the immediate future.

The United States and Japan are among the strongest markets with Europe to breathe for a drop in demand corresponding to that in the US 9 months ago.

The sales results of the Apple Stores are encouraging and 25 will be opened by the end of the year.

Titanium sales dropped to 102,000 units in part due to the arrival of the iBook.