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Coronavirus will affect global laptop production, including MacBooks

Although analysts initially predicted the epidemic's limited consequences on the Chinese consumer electronics industry, estimates now worsen significantly: not only is Coronavirus delaying MacBook Pro deliveries and waiting times in custom configurations, as well as several other Apple products and devices, but it could also have serious consequences for the global laptop business. The latest estimates indicate a decline of 29-36% on global notebook shipments in the first quarter of this year.

Foxconn and the other main manufacturers and assemblers have already put in place emergency plans that plan to move part of the production out of China, to other countries including India and especially Taiwan. But the consequences of Coronavirus on the production of MacBooks and more generally of all laptops could worsen towards the end of February, when parts and components produced in China begin to be scarce. This of course if the situation does not improve and if the Chinese government will not be able to issue permits and authorizations to resume activities for numerous manufacturers and suppliers of all sizes operating in the country.

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The situation is also aggravated by the logistics and transport sector, also affected by the limitations activated on all fronts in an attempt to contain the epidemic. The new estimates substantially indicate a drop in global laptop shipments of one third and more of the entire market in the first quarter, in a DigiTimes report on the possible consequences of Coronavirus in which Quanta, the main manufacturer of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is also expressly indicated on behalf of Apple. Previous estimates instead forecast a drop of about 17%.

In recent days, GSMA has canceled the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona MWC 2020 for fears about possible outbreaks of the epidemic. In several articles of macitynet we reported negative forecasts on the smartphone sector, on the possible delays of the new incoming models including iPhone 9 (iPhone SE 2) and perhaps also for the iPhone 12 expected in September.

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