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ATI shows the muscles

ATI shows muscles logomacitynet1200wide 1

Announced for a few weeks with frequent leaks of information punctually reported by sites dedicated to rumors the "Radeon 200" finally arrived. At this point the quotation marks are a must because the new product that to succeed to the popular cards and chips of the Canadian company will not be marketed with this brand.The chip and the cards, however, will be advertised with the name of Radeon 8500 as if to take a more marked distance from its predecessor.The Radeon 8500 will initially be used in a video card that will take the same name and that user all the best known and advanced ATI technologies: Truform and Smartshader, Smoothvision (a new and refined anti-aliasing system), HyperZ II, Charisma Engine II, Pixel Tapestry II, and Video Immersion II. The Radeon 8500 card marketed by ATI (but they will also come without the ATI brand following the recent license agreements) avr 64MB of DDR (double data rate) 275MHz RAM (which according to a com unified by ATI would also be the fastest Ram available on the consumer market) and a 250MHz processor. The complexity and refinement of the engineering are given by other data such as the 60 million transistors per single chip (twice the original Radeon) and the speed of calculation which reaches one billion pixels per second with 12 gigabytes per second of amplitude of band. The speed, according to some statements by ATI itself, should be 30 times higher than that available to owners of the Rage Pro chips, still standard on many third-generation Macs. ATI tests in a PC environment would have shown that the Radeon 8500 would be able to exceed in performance GeForce 3 ATI tests have shown that the Radeon 8500. In Quake 3 Arena, with 1024 × 768 resolution with 16 bit color, the Radeon would have scored 175 frames per second against 165 GeForce3; 170 frames per second with 32-bit color against 163 of GeForce3. The card will be released in September in a PC version and very shortly after or perhaps even simultaneously also in a Mac version at an indicative price for the American market of $ 399 .ATI has also presented two other cards, the Radeon 7500 based on the original radeon technology. but 60% faster than the previous model, and the Fire GL 8800. Neither will be available for Mac.

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