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Apple requests to register the iPhone trademark

Apple requests to register the iPhone trademark logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has filed a patent application for the name 'iPhone' with the relevant American office. This was discovered by the Macnn site which presents the details of the registration application from its pages.

Although iPhone has been on the US market since June, the registration request had never been filed due to the known controversy with Cisco. Although the dispute over the control of the name had been resolved (the two companies agreed to use the name each in its areas) evidently there was still no formalization and detail of the agreement.

In the registration, Apple asks to be able to use the iPhone name in various areas, from that of advertising to that of entertainment, passing through services, research and design. The application also contains the logo (with the word iPhone) that characterizes the phone.

Recall that in Europe Apple has long submitted the application for registration of the iPhone brand. American documentation refers to registration in Europe.

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