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Apple and the search for new markets: Here's an ingenious way to build a plant …


Apple leader of innovation in Hi-Tech, here is a new patent in which it exploits the creativity of its engineers to improve the efficiency of a wind farm!

As we all know oil is about to abandon us. in fact, the most important source from which to draw energy is electricity, it is used to make vehicles move and a lot of objects are built with its derivatives.

The real problem is the production of electricity, even if the nuclear power plants they are an excellent alternative in terms of efficiency they are not in terms of safety (let's face it who wants a nuclear power plant? I am NOT!).

Wind and solar they are excellent if not excellent alternatives to oil and nuclear power, in fact they work thanks to the conversion of wind energy and sun energy into electricity. Unlike oil they do not pollute and unlike nuclear power if something goes wrong we are not hit by radiation!

The problem of wind power that if the wind does not "blow" the blades do not turn and no energy produced! Here it is Apple with a new and flamboyant patent, in which it increases the efficiency of a wind turbine converting the heat generated by the internal mechanism into electricity.

Apple uses a fluid with low thermal capacity, this creates friction with the rotation shaft generating heat. The fluid (and heat) is stored in a "container" (although it must be suitable enough to limit the exchange of heat with the outside). The stored heat is used to boil a second liquid which, by evaporating, sets in rotation a turbine connected to a generator in order to obtain electricity from it.

Maybe Apple with this system will be able to power all its servers, reducing costs and protecting the environment!

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