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Pirates of Silicon Valley …

Pirates of Silicon Valley … logomacitynet1200wide 1

We didn't like it. The narration appeared superficial to the point that we cannot imagine, Mac or PC enthusiasts aside, only one viewer glued to the video. Jobs is described as an arrogant exploiter of others' abilities, while Gates plays the part of the fool who takes revenge in the end. Steve Wozniak, the storyteller of Apple's events, instead portrayed as an honest person who, just before suffering the plane crash in which he loses his memory, decides to abandon Jobs to his destiny.Only interesting are the hypotheses that the graphical interface and the mouse are both Xerox inventions, stolen by Jobs and Gates and that DOS was actually developed by a tiny software house and purchased by Microsoft's founders for $ 50,000, by deception. Notes from insiders… The narration is interrupted at the time of the famous layoff of Jobs wanted by Sculley and then, with a jump of a few years, the impressions remind a recent Macworld in which Jobs connects directly with Gates to announce a future collaboration . The story ends with an emblematic image depicting Jobs, while Gates' sly gaze seems to nod to the claim that Microsoft owns a part of Apple Computer.

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(By Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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