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Optus, the phones with rechargeable are also blocked

Optus, an Australian mobile operator, one of three that will have iPhones, announced tonight the rates for the service that will support the mobile phone.

Difficult if not impossible, as well as basically useless, to synthesize the various types of subscription (if you thought that those of the Italian operators were complicated, take a look at those of Optus first….), But in general it can be said that there are two several options, a sort of rechargeable and a subscription. Rates start at 19 and go to 179 Australian dollars (11 and 109 euros) per month for the post paid and from 30 to 100 dollars per month (18 and 61 euros) for the rechargeable. In both cases, the maximum data limit of 1 GB. The iPhone price is set at 729 dollars (441 euros) and 849 dollars (514 euros) for the rechargeable; for the postpaid you pay in installments that are different for the 12 and 24 month plans. In any case, the phone can also be obtained at zero cost, both in the 8 GB and 16 GB versions with the most expensive plans.

The aspect of greatest interest, apart from the forest of options, discounts, installments, promotions, bonuses, notes, paragraphs (an endless list …) and so on, that to an Italian seems to be built only to not make it clear how much spend, the fact that all phones are locked, including even those without a contract. Those purchased with rechargeable can be unlocked immediately by paying 80 Australian dollars (fifty euros). Alternatively, you must top up for at least 80 euros.

Beyond the technical details (Optus can only unlock iPhones bought in its stores; those who have a postpaid must check the conditions by calling Optus) one cannot fail to notice how the exta cost would bring the cost of the terminal very close to the price of the iPhone in Italy.

The news of blocked iPhones even if sold without a contract goes hand in hand with that of the past few days from which it was learned that the terminals sold by At & T in the USA are always blocked, even those without a contract.