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MacOs X in Chinese

MacOs X in Chinese logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple tries the Chinese market. Since Monday, in fact, all the most recent products of the Cupertino house have been available for the Asian country market (and for Taiwan) in localized versions. The most interesting product is certainly MacOs X. The localized version has been released in recent days and is distributed in conjunction with MacOs 9.1. In this case the attempt is to attack the growing server market which in China is largely dominated by Linux. The OS presentation was done in pure "Jobs style" with interface demonstration, crash test and illustration of multitasking capabilities. Hardware products announced at the beginning of May were also presented on Monday in China. These are the new generation iBooks and the 17 ′ LCD screen. The colossal Chinese market represents in the development plans of all IT companies an essential opportunity for expansion in comparison with a landscape where it is not uncommon to find episodes of saturation. Apple, like other companies, is trying to find its space favored by a certain hostility from the Chinese government for Windows systems that have not yet broken through the equally colossal market of government IT systems.

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