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iPhone, operators pay it $ 550?

iPhone, operators pay it $ 550? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The announcement of the prices of the iPhone without subsidies revealed yesterday by AT&T makes one suspect in very large profits for Apple. Apple accounts are made by Ben Reitzes of Lehman Brothers.

According to the analyst, the $ 599 or $ 699 required for the iPhone that At & T will sell without a contract, deducted from the percentage that the operator will derive from the sale, suggest that for every iPhone sold, both with and without a contract, $ 550 will go. on average. A much higher figure than what Reitzes had estimated was just $ 350.

In reality, Reitzes' esteem does not come like a bolt of lightning. It would have been enough to look to Europe and to be precise to Italy where the price of the iPhone without a contract known for twenty days to understand that in Apple's pocket for every phone sold ends a beautiful cipher, certainly higher and much more than $ 350 estimated until yesterday by Reitzes. The average price (net of taxes) of the iPhone in Italy in fact 427 euros approximately 675 American dollars which, after the import taxes, the operators' earnings and the extra cost that is traditionally charged on every Apple product that arrives in Europe, brings the price paid by the Italian mobile phone operators around the figure elaborated by Reitzes.

In any case, Reitzes believes that Apple will sell 4.5 million iPhones between now and the end of the year, generating much higher than expected turnover.

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