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IBM: body and soul in sever, for the future.

IBM: body and soul in sever, for the future. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Perhaps embracing the now well-known theses of Larry Ellison (who not by chance founded a company with the name of Network Computer), IBM, through the mouth of Irving Wladawsky-Berger of the IBM Server Group, ready to invest heavily in this market segment 4 billions of dollars in order to build fifty server factories to cover future server needs worldwide.

It still seems to listen to Ellison when Wladawsky-Berger says: "what you need (computing power and data storage capacity) you can get from the Internet and you will only pay for it when you actually use these services".

The British and Dutch government (but we also want to add ours, after the predicted appointment of Lucio Stanca to the Ministry of Innovation even if an agreement has never been formalized with IBM) have entered into agreements with IBM to study adequate IT solutions.

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