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How to recalibrate the iPhone ambient light sensor


I present you a very useful guide for your iPhones tonight.

Do you have problems with the iPhone brightness sensor?

Auto brightness adjustment on iPhone not working well?

Here is the guide for you.

How to recalibrate the iPhone ambient light sensor [GUIDE].

Today we're going to see together how to recalibrate the iPhone's brightness sensor, whatever model it is.

First of all, however, a brief introduction on the brightness sensor.

For those who do not know it, remember that this component does nothing but capture the brightness of the environment in which we find ourselves and based on this the software automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to promote both energy saving and better visibility of the display.

However, this option does not always work best on our smartphones: in fact, it often happens that the automatic brightness adjustment does not work best and that the display is too light or too dark in less suitable situations.

The problem may be related to one incorrect calibration of the brightness sensor. Here, then, why important to recalibrate it in case of problems.

If you think the brightness sensor of your iPhone has problems or it doesn't work well, try to follow the steps recommended in this guide.

that's how easily recalibrate the brightness of the iPhone.We will have recalibrate the sensor following these few simple steps:

  • Let's meet in a dimly lit or dark room
  • Let's go to Settings> Brightness
  • Set the automatic brightness to Off
  • Now we adjust the balance almost at the end of the scale reducing the brightness
  • Now let's turn the automatic brightness back on

In this way we will see that by turning on a strong light on the device, the brightness will be immediately increased, while returning to the low brightness conditions instead you will notice that the balance will go down very slowly until it reaches the point set during the recalibration again.

Try it and let me know if i problems with the brightness sensor of your iPhone are solved in this way or not.

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