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Excalibur: the spelling checker for everyone.

The previous versions are also available on the site: 2.6 is even compatible with MacOS 6.0.5 In any case, the new version 4.0 runs with Mac OS 8.6 and among the new features it has:

– compatible with Mac OS X. No classic required – Suggests word correction – allows checking of the texts contained in the clipboard archive (also works with Alpha oSimpleText) – It is compatible with Eudora Pro, BBEdit, MT NewsWatcher, Communicate, Nisus Writer, AppleWorks, WordPerfect, – new LaTeX commands or user-defined environments can be inserted – Works with any text-only file (TEXT) – possibility to create new dictionaries and online availability of Italian dictionaries at various levels .– Among the available dictionaries: biblical terms (in English) biomedical terms (in English) British English, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, German, HTML, Indonesian, Italian, lifesciences, Manx Gaelic, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish … all downloadable from … ftp: //>.

The instruction manuals are available in both HTML and Acrobat Reader (PDF) pressoftp: //>.

For download and for the online html manual visit the Excalibur website.