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Droidfood – Facebook "pushes" its employees to use Android

The application of Facebook for Android continues to be the center of attention for the Facebook team and pending the native application, the team's effort to apply on the Android platform continues.

Since the early days Facebook and employees have decided to support iOS having regard to its development and its interpenetration within the company. But an inevitable fact that in recent years Android has been growing strongly and without doubt the most used mobile operating system on the terrestrial globe.

Given the constant complaints of users, Facebook has long encouraged its employees to use Facebook on the Android platform in order to guarantee in the near future an excellent application as well as the one currently present in the Apple App Store. Not to mention that at the moment the Facebook application is not optimized at all on Android tablets while on iPads.

Droidfood Facebook's internal campaign that pushes (even more) its employees to use Facebook for Android in order to make significant changes in the Facebook experience of Android users.

Facebook boasts 4000 employees and undoubtedly the absolutely fundamental and extremely easy internal collaboration since employees through a specific function (Shake and Rage) will report any bugs simply by shaking the device.


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