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Closes the useless KidSafe.

KidSafe, well explain it, one of those services provided by the portal which responds to the address and which reserves iTools to Macintosh users only (but not quite so).

Services not very lucky or welcome to judge from the sad end they did, one after the other: iReview was to be a section of iTools aimed at voting sites and products in circulation, but, evidently, nobody went or voted or read these votes, so much so that, at the end of last February, Apple closed the service.

Now the turn of KidSafe, here Apple, responding to the needs of that part of Puritan and Orthodox America (each in its own vision) wanted to give parents, perhaps unable to control their children or to live together the web experience, the unlikely one certainty that their offspring could not have access to certain categories of sites deemed unsuitable for minors (for various reasons).

The motivation for this second failure (KidSafe has not existed for several hours with the official declaration of "scarce use") are manifold, but perhaps the main one is the unsurpassed (above all by the parents themselves) ability of teenagers to handle computers and resources so that protections of this type, can be circumvented not only with ease but perhaps also experienced as the daily technological challenge.

Apple suggests on the ex-home page to access surrogate services of KidSafe: Cyberangels and Cyber ​​Patrol, we, from our little one, long ago had reviewed ChildKey.

If parents concerned or terrified of Internet freedom, who read Macity, find this service useful, take note of it to disable KidSafe's features.

Remember that iTools (born as one of the few relevant news items of the now forgotten MacWorld San Francisco of 2000) remains active for those services, considerably more useful in our humble opinion, such as iDisk, HomePage and, together with the iCards gadget.