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Radeon 2, the specs

Radeon 2, the specifications logomacitynet1200wide 1

At ATI, the level of security imposed on information is not the same adopted by Apple evidently. Every day, despite the efforts made to maintain a level of secrecy suitable for a company that is fighting in the field of IT, details and indiscretions about new products are escaping, in particular the rumble Radeon 200, better known also as Radeon 2. details already reported in recent days have now learned new information on the cards that should debut in September. According to a Korean site, which has published new photos of the card, the graphics accelerator should be marketed in two versions, one 64 MB and one 128 MB DDR SDRAM at 480 or 500 MHz. The main chip instead will run at 240 or 250 MHz. The data assembly lines will be 4 and the card will offer support for a new generation of Pixel Tapestry and Charisma Engine. Radeon 2 should also include support for Truform which will make rendering more complex and realistic. At the moment it is not clear whether Apple will decide to adopt the Radeon 2 cards in its new machines released in the coming months. ATI for its part said that it will release Mac versions of the cards for the retail market.

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