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Palm: we will not sell

Palm: we will not sell logomacitynet1200wide 1

Palm denies the possibility of a scaling of its stocks by other companies that intend to take control of the number one of the handheld manufacturers in the world. The opportunity offered by a public meeting attended by Karl Yankowski. The Palm CEO, urged on the matter, said that at the moment "No one has come forward and therefore I have nothing to say about it". In recent days many analysts have stated that the possibility of a purchase of the shares of the company of Santa Clara are a prospect that could be materialized by anyone with a minimal strategic interest in the handheld sector, thanks to the real collapse of the Palm title which dropped to very low levels. Among the companies involved, according to analysts, there could also be Apple whose CEO has always had a weakness for handhelds. In reality, at the moment, a climb to Palm's shares seems rather difficult. The taxation imposed in the first two years on a company that has just made its stock exchange debut after a spin off like Palm discourages such operations and the company itself has placed some particularly onerous clauses for those wishing to make a hostile climb.

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