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Palm, the difficult moment continues

Palm, the difficult moment continues logomacitynet1200wide 1

It is really a difficult time for Palm. the Santa Clara company, in fact, grappling with an excess of stocks that it cannot dispose of and with a market that is not very receptive, has seen sales drop in a dizzying way in the second fiscal quarter of the year. Data released by Gartner indicate that the percentage penetration of the segment fell from 50.4% in the first quarter to slightly more than 30% in the second half, giving us the strongest rival on the PocketPc front, Compaq, which rose from 7.8 to 16.1%. Compaq, according to Gartner data, would have outperformed HandSpring in units sold. The largest of PalmPs' licensees in the US, however, would continue to maintain the second position with 17.1% while Palm would be placed at 40%. Together, HandSpring and Palm in the American market would be able to keep PamlOs at 57%, a considerable figure which for far from the over 80% they had at the end of the past year. According to some sources, PocketPC-based products will exceed those based on PalmOs within 2005.

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